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About Us

Where It All Began

*Retro Cube Home is a small, woman-owned business in the remote corner of Hungary, selling worldwide through my Etsy shop* since 2019 and eBay store since 2023.

It all started when we invested in a 70s fixer upper a few years back, with cash only. Being mortgage free is great on one side – but it has its shades, too. After spending all our savings on construction works we ended up browsing FB marketplace for furnitures and home essentials. A lot of beautiful items came my way, like chandeliers and lamps from the 60s-70s, beautiful mid century ceramic vases, handmade rugs and tapestries that are much more beautiful than any art print on the wall.

Soon I ended up with a heap of retro and mid century home decor items that I had no room for – and simultaneously I sunk deep into the past century aesthetics.

And one fine day the idea of Retro Cube Home was born. Here it is – enjoy! I am happy that I am not alone with the love for mid century design.

My absolut favourite items are tapestries and wall hangings. I can not resist their colorful, abstract design.

* As Etsy / eBay fees are quite high, I’m happy to make a private sale outside these marketplaces, with a 10% discount on listing prices. Please message me for details!



The Team




Long time lover of the 20th century. I’m constantly seeking for new items on- and offline. I enjoy meeting random people at garage sales and estate sales. The stories behind a beloved object are usually way more interesting than anything on TV.




My 7yo elf. Anna loves following me to flea markets and estate sales (and makes sure that she is rewarded for that). She does have her own opinion on thrift finds, which usually, but not invariably meets mine. The Future Thrifter!




Rob is my (not so) silent partner in life and in Retro Cube Home likewise. He’s taking care of the business side of the story: accounting, invoicing etc. He loves numbers in general just as much as I love vintage goodies! 🙂 He’s also great with the eccentric sander on decades-old lacquer layer of furnitures.

In the Spotlight

Numbers & Facts

My primary focus is a constantly high quality customer experience!

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Picks from the 300+ Etsy Testimonials

Natalia Mattingly

"Exactly as described, and packed so very well! The seller was sweet and caring, and went above and beyond to help me make my choice(s)! Thank you!"


"My beautiful tapestry in wonderful condition arrived in less than a week. Amazed by how efficient the whole process was!"


"Marti did a fantastic job!!! I’m always concerned when having something shipped so far, but the lamp rod was ingeniously placed inside a PVC pipe by Marti, ensuring it got to me unbent!!! Brilliant!!!"

Dale Pagano

"This piece exceeded expectations! So beautiful! It arrived quickly and was carefully wrapped and packaged to protect it during transit. The seller communicated with me throughout the process. I am so pleased with my purchase!"

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